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Helen Sprott, the Arts Council's Director of Music, blogs about how we're helping musicians find their way in a changing music landscape...

Ms Dynamite performs at Urban Classic in Waltham Forest, 2012. Image credit: London Borough of Waltham Forest.

I’m lucky that my job allows me speak to musicians - from every genre - about their music, their aspirations and how they got where they are.

Helen Sprott on 11 Sep 2015

A Matter of Life and Death

Phil Gibby, our South West Area Director, blogs about the joy we can find in legacy giving for ‘Remember a charity in your will’ week (7-13 September)

Phil Gibby on 7 Sep 2015

‘Maybe stories are just data with a soul.’ Brené Brown

Cat Hammersley, our Senior Manager for Data Reporting and Analysis, blogs about why we should all be getting excited about our new data principles. (Really).

Cat Hammersley on 4 Sep 2015