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John Orna-Ornstein, our Director of Museums, tells us why we have to work harder at diversity in museums.

Photo courtesy of The Trustees of the British Museum

John Orna-Ornstein on 4 Nov 2015

Designer/Inventor Chloe Meineck answers five questions on her award-nominated project ‘Music Memory Box’ and how breaking boundaries between health and well-being and arts and older people has inspired her work.


Photo by Chloe Meineck

Arts Council England blog team on 28 Oct 2015

Our Director for Philanthropy, Clare Titley, blogs about the latest evaluation report for our Catalyst scheme.

The Sage Gateshead. Photo: David Tiernan

I’ll be honest – I had reservations about the Catalyst scheme when it was first announced in 2012.

Clare Titley on 28 Oct 2015