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Progressing the Quality conversation

The ‘Principles into practice’ event on 20 February was part of the Arts Council’s on-going quality conversation about arts and culture relating to children and young people.

artscouncil on 24 Apr 2013

The importance of making 'a statement of commitment to arts and culture' with Artsmark

The Bridge organisation for Yorkshire and the Humber, CapeUK, is dedicated to making the arts and cultural offer to children and young people more accessible and better joined up. This role is replicated around the country by nine other Bridge organisations.

Rosie Marcus on 13 Mar 2013


On the eve of the next Arts Council quality event, Miranda Thain, creative producer at Theatre Hullabaloo argues festivals are vital for achieving excellence.


1. a day or time of religious or other celebration, marked by feasting, ceremonies, or other observances:

2. a periodic commemoration, anniversary, or celebration

Miranda Thain on 19 Feb 2013

Register now for the next Children and young people Quality event on 20 February

James Mackenzie-Blackman, a member of the Arts Council's external reference group on quality and young people, invites you to participate in the Arts Council's next quality event in London on 20 February.

jamesmb on 5 Feb 2013

Curve Theatre’s Young Arts Entrepreneurs programme

Tim Ford explains how one programme is enabling young people to experience ‘excitement and engagement’ by taking their own artistic ambitions and making them reality.

Tim Ford on 24 Jan 2013 1 comment

The 7 quality principles: an artist responds…

1st principle: Strive for excellence

Absolutely. No problem. Happy to do that. It's what I live for.

2nd principle: Be authentic

Samantha Butler on 17 Dec 2012

Quality principle number 3: 'Being exciting, inspiring and engaging'

The wording of this principle implies not only a deliberate distinction between the three elements (excite, inspire, engage) but also a degree of serial progression through these three forms of experience.

To ‘excite’ a young person is to provide them with an experience which is likely to be highly enjoyable and thought-provoking, possibly frightening or even disturbing, but invariably positive and life-enhancing.

To ‘inspire’ is to go further – to suggest new ideas or discoveries and to provoke an urge to take some form of action or decision arising from them.

Jeremy Newton on 6 Dec 2012

Striving for excellence...or not?

I've been part of the Arts Council's Working group on Quality of work for, with and by children and young people since its inception 18 months ago.

Katherine Zeserson on 29 Nov 2012