Now Online: Report from young people’s quality event at the Sage

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We have posted a link to this report in response to the high level of interest from participants at the Arts Council’s Quality Principles into Practice event in London on 20 February – people were especially keen to find out more about young people’s responses to the seven quality principles.

A bit of background for those who don't know it... In November last year 42 young people aged from 15 to 22 met at the Sage Gateshead to talk about how to achieve quality and excellence in the arts. This was part of Arts Council England’s quality conversation.  The event was called “How do we know it’s propa belta?” and was designed by Caz Brader and Sarah Burgess from University of the First Age (UFA) as a peer-led 'chalenge' process. UFA believe that when young people have something to offer others – in this case leading and facilitating this challenge event, they become involved in a reciprocal relationship, promoting an ethos of help, sharing, hope and caring.

The event was both inspiring as well as a source of real practical ideas which arts organisations can apply.  A film of the day is also online (watch it here), but in response to the wider interest we have heard, UFA have published this report about the planning and design for the day, the issues the young people discussed, and the conclusions they reached.

We hope you enjoy the read.

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