Quality Metrics

Reasons to be cheerful

Our Director for Policy and Research, Richard Russell, blogs about how we assess quality at the Arts Council. Could you be part of our assessment team in the future?

A dancer from Shobana Jeyasingh Dance is suspended in mid-air by a large fabric cloth, held by another dancer.


Understanding the value of arts and culture

When I arrived at the Arts Council a little over two years ago, I discovered (with some alarm!) that I was going to be the Executive Board member with responsibility for Goal 1, for ensuring that ‘excellence is thriving and celebrated in arts, museums and libraries’. Who was going to determine what was ‘excellent’ – our arts and cultural leaders? The professional critics? …Me? Would it ever be possible to agree within the Arts Council – let alone amongst arts and cultural organisations – what are the key determinants of ‘quality’? 

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